Central Kentucky Wheelmen
jimlever, President   
bradgenet, Vice President   
williamcooper, Treasurer   
lyndakonecny, Secretary   
randykennedy, Web Master   

PO Box 1914  Elizabethtown, Kentucky  42702

mailing address

Central Kentucky Wheelmen
PO Box 1914
Elizabethtown, Kentucky  42702

officer contacts

Jim Lever, President
257 Walnut Creek Road
Elizabethtown, Kentucky  42701

Brad Genet, Vice President
364 Deer Run Way
Elizabethtown, Kentucky  42701
502.855.2869 (Cell)

William Cooper, Treasurer

Lynda Konecny, Secretary
289 Deer Run Way
Elizabethtown, KY  42701

Randy Kennedy, Web Master
195 Chase Lake Road
Rineyville, Kentucky  40162

Rail Trail
League of American Bicyclists
Multisport (e.g. triathlon, various bike events)
Tour Company
Century Option
Night Ride
Food (e.g. SAG stops or meals)
Free Stuff

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