Central Kentucky Wheelmen
jimlever, President   
bradgenet, Vice President   
williamcooper, Treasurer   
lyndakonecny, Secretary   
randykennedy, Web Master   

PO Box 1914  Elizabethtown, Kentucky  42702

Velo DX

Velo DX stands for "Velo Data eXchange".  It allows registered "My Cycling" profile members to enter in their data such as start date/time, start location, ride title/type, miles, average speed, duration, and personal notes.  With the exception of personal notes, all information is accessible by all members once logged into their My Cycling profile.

This page shows a brief report of all cyclists logging their information in the order of those with the most miles.

Current Status

Name Mileage Rides Avg Miles/Ride
cindy mcintosh 3280.17 115 28.52
david hauenstein 3001.00 90 33.34
jeff richardson 2670.00 78 34.23
brad genet 2297.15 69 33.29